Taking inspiration from the natural world and my travels, I incorporate visual material from what I observe and what I can gather. Using contemporary printmaking techniques along with painting and drawing, I continue to explore new ways to express the mystery and beauty that I encounter every day.

My Story

Having worked as a graphic designer for 25 years, my transition to printmaking was a natural progression. I appreciate the connection I have with my press. Monoprinting is an iterative process, working with shapes and textural elements in different combinations. The initial mark making can be a random arrangement that builds to a more deliberate composition. As in most abstract work, these prints are an exploration and the end is not apparent until the final layer. In my work, I use a variety of materials to create fluid shapes and graphic textures. My love of the oceans and a concern for the environment is often evident in my prints.





Photo: Joerg Metzner, Picturing Evanston

Photo: Joerg Metzner, Picturing Evanston


School of the Art Institute of Chicago

OxBow School of Art

Northwestern University

Shows and exhibitions

Firecat Projects, Chicago, IL "What I Learned From Flower Arranging" with Nancy Gardner, May 2018

Evanston Arts Center, Evanston, IL "Evanston Made Group Show" June 2016, 2017, 2018

LillStreet Art Center, Chicago, IL  "Recent Monotypes by Beth Adler", April 2014  

Ausrine's Art Room, Evanston, IL "Recent Monotypes by Beth Adler", October 2013 

Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL "Birds of a Feather" with Ruth Sikes, 2010

South Shore Arts, Munster, Indiana, 65th Annual Salon Show, 2008

Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL "Nest/Egg" with Ruth Sikes, 2008